Biggest Loser Run/Walk Challenge – Spartan Race

ben1Looking for team members
When: Saturday March 8 @9:15

So I did something a little crazy and will be doing a Spartan Race.
Well technically it’s not the Spartan Race but it kinda is.

The Biggest Loser does a run/walk series throughout the country and they have added what is called an off road challenge.
These events are designed by the Spartan Race and  held the same weekends.
I for one am not quite ready to do a full Spartan Race where I have to do 30 burpees if I can’t am not able to complete an obstacle.
On the other hand I am tired of feeling like I shouldn’t do things because of fitness and weight levels. I want to do fun stuff besides running on a treadmill.
I want to live a fabulous life and this obstacle course sounds kind of fabulous.

So I have signed up and created my own team

Spartans in Training

I am welcoming any and all people that want to be a part of this team. The keyword being TEAM.
I want a team that is going to be supportive and help each other through the obstacles. (even though the obstacles aren’t required)
I want people that will at least give the obstacles a try before bypassing them. We don’t know what we are capable if we don’t step out of our comfort zone.

So if you want to step out of your comfort zone and be a part of an amazing team “Spartans in Training” please sign up:

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