January Workout Playlist

January Song PicksYes, I know it’s been a while since I posted. I haven’t felt really motivated to much of anything. The weather has been cold and nasty and I don’t have access to a gym to do anything. I did manage to get out yesterday for a couple of miles. But it was a struggle the whole time. My knee was hurting a bit and my shins started hurting so it was definitely more walking than usual. But I am ok with that. At least I did something.

I’m also feeling overwhelmed. I am moving back to the Atlanta area at the end of January so I need to get my little apartment packed up and moved into storage. So basically I have 2 weeks. Wow, the magnitude of that just really hit me so instead of spending time packing I got sucked up into the world of blog reading (trying to get my motivation back to get active) and then got sucked up into the world of You Tube watching so that I can participate in Mar on the Run’s ¬†Workout Playlist Link Up:


So without further adieu I give you 6 of my music picks. I have a pretty varied taste in music when it comes to working out and running. This is more of my cardio type music. I can’t wait to check out all the blogs and see what their song picks are. I am always looking for new music to work out with.

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